Customer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards Empower Your Business Today!

The environment is competitive no matter what business you’re in these days – you need to work hard to win customers and work even harder to retain them. Rewarding your valued customers and trying to attract new customers needs to be a daily task for businesses. At Colourfast, we believe adding customer loyalty cards and engaging in a rewards system is a great way to promote your business, and most importantly, keep customers happy. We make loyalty card printing easy, with a great range of options at affordable prices.

Customer loyalty cards

Customer Loyalty Cards and Reward Programs

Utilizing a loyalty program plays an important role in an effective marketing strategy. Here’s what it can do for your business.

    • Establish high levels of customer loyalty & increase your revenues

✔ A simple plastic loyalty card is a fantastic way to keep your customers coming back for more. Give your customers little rewards to keep them coming back.

    • Act as a differentiator of your business from competitors

✔ Having a great loyalty program puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

    • Gain insight into customer behaviour with detailed reports

✔ A loyalty card program gives you a great insight into what your customers are thinking. We have all heard about big data and it is one of the many great benefits that comes with stocking a simple plastic loyalty card. Find out more about what your customers are spending and where and make any necessary tweaks to your business based on the data.

    • See who your most valuable customers are

✔ Use the loyalty card data to give special attention to customers who spend the most money.

    • Tailor marketing & promotions to drive repeat sales

✔ Having a stream of regular customers is vital in any business.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your loyalty card program & keeping your customers engaged

Having a loyalty program isn’t enough. Every business needs to know how to get customer loyalty cards from the counter into the hands of their customers. You would be surprised how little time some businesses spend promoting their loyalty programs and many forget to even tell customers about it. Small things like informing customers at the checkout will help your loyalty program to gain traction, and if customers are already signed up, it will serve as a gentle reminder to use their loyalty card. Remember that printing and using your loyalty cards effectively are two very different things.

The Incentive
Okay, so the customers know about your loyalty program, but is it worth their time signing up? If they do sign up, how do you keep them interested? In the United States, households are signed up to 29 loyalty programs but are active in just 12 of them. Don’t let your program be one of the unlucky 17!

Make it easy for customers to get started and make it clear what they will get in return. The rewards system should be intuitive as research has shown that customers get frustrated with overly complicated loyalty programs.

Contact Colourfast now for all your loyalty card printing needs. Our team of qualified experts will be delighted to have an obligation free discussion with you about our range of cards. Design a loyalty card to help your business grow today!