RFID Readers & Writers

Readers P18


Bus validator
The P18 is a state-of-the art bus validator used for a wide variety of functions, including bus AFC systems. Armed with a fast processor, full-color display, IP54 grading, GPS, 4G(3G), wife, and Ethernet connectivity, the P18 bus validator can suit your specific needs

Readers P18


NFC Reader & Writer
D8N, addresses the growing demand for contactless applications. Hinged upon the 13.56 Mhz RFID technology, is developed to support various contactless protocols, such asISO14443 type A&B, ifare, Felica, and NFC, to facilitate their use in a wide range of applications.

Readers P18


Metro reader
T200, is an industry level reader for metro tickets processing. It could be integrated to the ENG, EXG, TVM, AVM, TR, BOM and other metro tickets processing device.



Mobile Payment Device
The X8-90, a fashionable & compact mobile contact & contactless card reader using Bluetooth smart technology for seamless connection with mobile card application