What if your gift card could talk!

Littera makes it possible…

By adding a unique code (Icon or QR code) gift givers are uniquely able to record individual personal and private messages, upload pictures, or write personalized messages. Add a personalized message to your Gift Card by choosing from: videos, pictures and written notes. Simply download the Littera app, scan the code/icon, choose the type of message you would like to send and create and capture your special memory. Littera makes gift card giving more personal!

By choosing the Littera, every customers card is unique, customisable and able to carry their voice and image

With the Littera Video Card givers can:

  • Provide added value to your customer
  • Personalize their gift
  • Send a special message along with their gift
  • Upload a picture
  • Record a video message
  • accompanying their gift Add a personal and private message to their gift cards

Cool Features:

  • Geo located service
  • PProvides full access to captured data for brand integration and follow-up
  • Brand Promotion through viewing processes

Upon receipt of the gift card, the recipient simply scans the QR code/enters the code. The recipient can then reply back to the pop-up video or picture message via email with a private message of their own.

Brand Benefits:

  • Perks include valuable data such as a past log of previous email addresses that are sent are saved/stored and available. Every message will also be viewed through a completely tailored interface featuring your corporate branding.
  • As the gift card sender, Littera captures memories by accessing a wide variety of store brands to send to anyone at anytime and anywhere!
  • Featured Stores include LCBO, Indigo, Givex.