Wooden and Eco- Friendly Cards

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, Colourfast Printing is proud to offer a number of eco-friendly options in our cards without sacrificing on quality. We are very much aware of the need to protect the environment and our wonderful collection of wooden cards, unique plastic business cards and other recyclable options will hopefully make just a small contribution to saving our planet.
Our range of printing products provides you with a variety of responsible and sustainable card materials that have very little negative impact on the planet. Each of these options is fully biodegradable or compostable so neither you nor your customers need worry about the costs on the environment.


Our Speciality Wooden Cards & Recyclable Options

Wood Cards
Colourfast Printing is also pleased to be able to offer a line of wooden business cards. These are produced from thin slivers of birch wood. These 100% biodegradable cards are perfect for furniture stores, antique dealers, and hardware stores, or anyone who wants to combine an all-natural style with a touch of class.

Ingeo Biopolymer
In conjunction with our partners at NatureWorks, we are able to offer products made from a plant-based polymer (Ingeo Biopolymer) which is fully recyclable and can even be successfully composted. This ingenious plastic is not only better for the environment but also provides a finished product of an equally high standard as any of our traditional plastic products.

Monadnock Envi Card
Envi Card stock is durable, recyclable and prints just as well as our plastic products. It can be embossed, foil stamped and laminated, and accepts magnetic stripes, signature panels, scratch-offs, bar codes and holograms.

Envi Card Stock is Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certified, assuring that the forest products with which the card stock was made were harvested responsibly. Monadnock Envi Card Stock also is recyclable. When done, simply toss it in the mixed-waste bin.

Contact Colourfast to find out more about our range of wooden cards and other eco-friendly options. We would love to discuss the make-up of our cards and why they are perfect for your business and the environment.

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