The first of its kind to eliminate pulp fiber paper from the paper and plastic production process, replacing it with the high concentration of naturally white CaCO3 mineral content, which counteracts the creation or increase of greenhouse gases – significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Not only that, the process uses half of the energy and produces a mineral-based card that is sustainable, waterproof and tear-resistant. Using only electricity during the manufacturing process contributes further to their commitment to being environmentally responsible. 

By choosing to print your gift cards with StonePaper you are taking part in the movement to preserve the environment and save the planet for future generations.

Stone Paper requires no bleaches, acids, alkali or other potentially dangerous ingredients to achieve its white colour.  As a result, the manufacturing of our Stone Paper materials produces no pollution to the air, rivers and waterways with any harmful chemicals. 

Contact us today to make the change and do your part to help save our planet.