Promotional Printing Services at Colourfast – The Way You Want Them

For a fantastic range of promotional printing services, Colourfast has you covered. Promotional products are a very simple but effective way to promote your business. A recent study revealed that 85% of people can remember the name of the company that gives them a promotional product.
Our comprehensive range of promotional printing services makes it a guarantee that you will find the perfect promotional products for your business. Just let us know which promotional products best suit the needs of your business and we will design them to the high standards for which we are famous.

The Importance of Promotional Printing Services to Your Business

The goal of all promotional products is for them to be used. Whether this be pen in the office, an umbrella on a rainy day, or a calendar in your home – your promotional products must be on display! 87% of consumers keeping promotional products for over a year. Because promotional products can be so useful, people genuinely like receiving them, with over 60% having a positive reaction. Best of all, 79% of people who receive promotional products are likely to buy something from your business.

The second thing all promotional products need to focus on is quality. Remember that it will be impossible for your customers to use your promotional products for longer than a year if they break after a few days. Our range of promotional printing services always focus on quality and usability to ensure all products are used for an extended period. People very rarely throw promotional products away, and in the United States, 63% of people will give the item to someone else when they’re finished using it! The research clearly shows that promotional products can help grow your business and they do it in an extremely cost effective way.

When considering what promotional services are most suitable for your business, you must know your target audience. At Colourfast, we are always happy to help businesses understand why promotional printing is so important and explain why our services can help them grow their business. All businesses are different and the best promotional products can vary from one industry to the next. Have a careful think about which promotional items would be most effective for your business, and if you want to have a chat about the options, please get in touch us.

Promotional products have one of the lowest cost per impressions. While the numbers may not be as clear as they would be from say a digital marketing campaign, much of the research has shown that the number of people who encounter your business because of promotional products, makes them well worth the investment.

Contact Colourfast today to find out more about our fantastic range of promotional printing services. Our experienced team are always happy to have a discussion with you about how promotional products will have a massive impact on your business.